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One of the most frequently asked questions that we hear is, "Why do you do the light display?" So, I thought we should address that question.

As a child growing up in small town, Indiana, as far back as my mind allows me to recall, I would decorate our house with strings of lights with an enthusiasm beyond reason. From the age of 12 years old I would annually anticipate, with great excitement, the day our stores would put their Christmas lights on the shelves so that I could use the allowance that I had saved to rush out and get that all important symbol of the Christmas season, strands on mini lights. I would then rush home and combine my newly found treasure with those from the previous season and climb to the peak of our roof to begin accessorizing the house with strings of lights that were every bit as precious to me as a string of pearls. After the eaves were laces, the windows outlined and the bushes and trees wrapped I would host a small family lighting ceremony and stand in awe at what I saw as marvel of great creativity. This to me was the epitome of Christmas light displays until I happened upon a house in my small town that had some how not only managed to cover the entire house and yard with lights but also set the lights to somehow dance to music. Wow, how was this possible? I contacted him in 1987 to ask how this was possible as I could only picture what I could do to with my house if the lights could dance in time with Christmas music. To my great disappointment the owner of the magical Christmas house told me it would be too expensive for me to do and it was industrial computer software not available to me. So for the following years I would continue to decorate as I had before.

My enthusiasm began to fade until the winter of 2006 when I saw what was the most amazing and unbelievable commercials I had ever seen. The commercial was a beer commercial featuring a house decorated with tons of lights all synchronized to some Christmas rock music. Man, talk about excitement, I could hardly sleep at night knowing that what I had dreamt about some 20 years ago was now in a beer commercial. I began researching the origin of the commercial Christmas display and very quickly found that there was now computer software and controls that could be purchased for personal use. And I could now afford it. In fall 2006 I purchased a starter package and began learning how to synchronize lights to music. As I had done when I was a child, I enthusiastically rushed out and purchased Christmas lights, probably not looking any less excited than I did as a 12 year old. With the support of my family I created my first computerized animated Christmas light display in 2006. Again, as I did as a child I had a small lighting ceremony but this time it was with my fiancé and daughter. It soon began to be very exciting as we started to see cars stopping by the house to watch our creation. Was this starting to be what I had so dreamt of 20 years ago?

Over the following years we have added to our display in both the capacity the computer can control and the number of lights. In 2008 we had just over 15,000 lights and 96 channels of computer controls. We anticipate the 2009 display to have over 30,000 lights. I still enjoy designing and setting up the display as I did when I was a child. The only difference is that we now do it on a much larger scale and spend much more time preparing. The excitement with anticipating what each years display will look like still persists along with those nights of little sleep due to the thoughts of how it can be made better.

With all of this, I still get the greatest feeling of excitement from knowing that our display brings so much Christmas cheer to those that stop by to see it. We receive numerous cards and tokens of appreciation every Christmas from those in the community just wanting to acknowledge and say thank you for putting our time into creating a display that is unique and enjoyable for them to see. Nothing makes all the time and work worth it like knowing that it has such an impact on so many peoples Christmas cheers. My reality has picked up where my dreams ended.